Cooking is my passion, I have always loved making everyone smile with delicious foods, but baking has brought me the most joy. my favorite memories will always be the times I got to spend cooking and baking with my nona, she is my inspiration to make things that are amazing with your hands *food will always bring the people you love together*   

Then about 5 years ago I found out all my heath issues I was having was because I was celiac, I was devastated as I have such a love for baked good and breads.... and I will tell you the gluten free product on the market 5 years ago where nasty, and still to this day I find I can't find something I can have or they are just not good.

So I did what any determined baker would do, modify and make it better and keep modifying until its really good I was not going to settle for ok cakes and cookies.

as I started to figure it out you start to realize how many people around you have these restrictions and I really wanted them to enjoy the amazing things I have made to, so I started to make my baked goods nut free, and then grain free, and then even vegan.

With large batches of failures I finally came up with the prefect all purpose flour mix *Fantasy Flour* it was like a dream it just worked with everything I made and it just got better from there. 

now I was determined to share all my amazing delicious cookie creations with everyone, no more restrictions.

Finally *Yes You Can Have It*